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It started with the release of Rockband for different platforms for gaming. Harmonix produces the software while EA Sports produced the hardware. They released a microphone, guitar and a drumset. Upon the release of the peripherals customers have had nothing but CONTINUOUS problems. Whether it be drumpads not recognizing hits, bass pedals snapping in half, strumbar on guitar not working properly or overdrive activation not working.

EA Sports takes you through their RMA process where they are quite helpful in getting your equipment replaced. I personally replaced 2-3 guitars and a drumset only to receive "working" ones in return without any modifications or upgrades to have the equipment break yet again. Now they did extend the RMA warranty on the rb1 equipment but it doesnt make up for the complete headaches and countless hours of shipping the stuff back over and over after you already spent $200 on the bundle.

Now with the release of Rockband 2 EA Sports releases NEW equipment with upgraded modifications that supposedly fixed the issues from RB1. Ok all fine and dandy I'll just eat the first $200 I spent on RB1 equipment, throw it all in the dumpster and drop another $200 on the new and imporved RB2 equipment. (Which I did by the way). Only to find a whole nest of new problems.

The RB2 guitar is actually quite nice with its new strumbar and I havent had any issues with it thus far. The drums on the other hand are a pile of junk. First off for reasons unknown they decided to make the drums wireless and make you use AA batteries instead of being able to use to xbox360 battery pack (xbox360 only) but they poorly designed it. Playing on the drums cause the batteries to loose contact causing the drums to shut off mid song. The drums pads also at time just stop working completely even though they are on and the guide button works. With all these issues you must also include the cross-talk problems between the pads causing pads to register a hit even when they aren't touched.

Once again you may go through the RMA process to receive another drumset and to complete suprise have the same exact issues. So now I have dumped $400 into the Rockband game not counting all of the DLC I have purchased to go through the same exact problems as RB1. Do I now have throw out my RB2 equipment and spend another $200 on Rockband 3 when its released to have these issues fixed?

These are the complaints of Rockband 2 on the official Rockband 2 forums with no response from EA Sports or Harmonix on the matter.


These are just the complaints on the wireless drumset. Forums search will reveal numerous complaints from Rockband 1 and Rockband 2 alike.

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That's why you don't buy rockband and learn how to play a real instrument.


Thanks for posting this, since I'm one of the people who are also being hurt by this right now. The wireless drum kit is HORRIBLE, and the $200 I spent on the game have been basically thrown out the window for as much as I can play RB2.

I'd appreciate someone finding ANYONE that we can talk to in order to get this resolved. Good luck, Boofez.