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For those of you that are gamers on any console will completely understand what I am about to tell you.

I play FIFA on my Xbox 360 and have done for many years and have always played it by the book, I also wouldn't have a clue how to manipulate their system.

When you play FIFA online you connect to the EA servers in order to earn XP points as well as coins when you play Ultimate Team. Obviously anything you do is applied to your account record and you go up a level each time you earn XP points. You even earn these points when you play career mode. So bascially if you cannot connect to the EA servers for whatever reason playing the game is entirely pointless.

Well you also have an Origin account when you play a game from EA. To get to the point, 3 weeks ago I received the following email stating I was banned and nothing more.

I found the email alone disgraceful due to fact it addressed myself as customer and didn't state why I was banned.

I immediately appealed stating the simple facts as to why it must have been a false positive. I received no automated reply nor a human one to say it had been received with an estimated time etc. So first thing Monday morning (13th Oct) I forwarded it again in hope of grabbing their attention and still got nothing. So I called them asking about it & all they could tell me that they have nothing to do with appeals and I just had to wait for a reply. Well obviously I wasn't happy about this so I requested to speak to a supervisor or manager but apparently their not allowed to transfer me but would get one to call me back. I missed the call but he left a message advising there is nothing they can do and I had to wait for a reply.

So I called again the next day and got the same result, basically the impression I constantly got was that the account disputes team is invisible, invincible, unreachable and might as well be royalty. After continously debating with them I managed to persuade a supervisor to contact them who could only do it by email (apparently). He got back to me more than several hours later, well in fact I had to call to get them to chase him up. He told me that account disputed said they hadn't received it, well I found this astonishing considering I definitely sent it to the correct address and forwarded it twice. Not once did my email provider chuck it back for any reason. So on Tuesday (14th Oct) I made another appeal giving more details about my account where I called them upon sending to make sure I received it and they had. The advisor also made sure the correct department had received it, how convenient they got it this time. I had to request an email reply so I had some form of proof theu had received it.

I called almost everyday and honestly it was random on what country I got through too and some of the advisor's where so clueless that I felt embarassed for them and EA. By 22nd October I still heard nothing and got no joy through calling. So I typed up another email basically explaining my experience so far and sent it to a number of email addresses to do with FIFA and EA that I found through searching Google.

As you can Imagine my email grabbed the attention of other EA departments which was a good result for me. I received an email the next day (23rd) from EA's specialized Customer Relations team his name is Kamil Sappich. Basically his department was the highest I could reach to get them to sort it as quickly as possible (apparently).

During the time I found faith in them to get this sorted I managed to finally get an advisor to confirm what I was banned for which was botting. I had a long discussion with him explaining there was no way on earth this was possible. It took him less than a minute to confirm and agree with that. Bearing in mind he can only see so much on my account but was able to confirm I wasn't botting and had done nothing wrong in actual fact he said he would love to know what it was that triggered it.

After many conversations with Kamil he and his team of experts couldn't find anything either and were certain it was also a false positive. By the Friday (17th) he had sent it off to FIFA studios on the west coast of Canada who after check over their findings and sign it off so either they can unblock my account or allow Kamil and his team to do so. I had agreed compensation with Kamil and he was confident it would be done by at least Monday (20th) if was fairly certain they would have it unbanned and as he was out of the office on Wednesday (22nd) he would add my compensation.

Well surprise surprise I was still banned and he didn't know why so once again I was on the phone everyday trying to push this and find out what the *** was going on. Gradually communication with myself got less and less until once again I sent another email (29th) explaining how much of a joke this was becoming, this time I sent it to the same addresses as before as well as more that I had found.Conveniently communication picked right back up again and yesterday I found out that my case was so unique this was what was taking them so long. Someone at FIFA studios (Canada) wasn't prepared to sign it off as it was so unique and they didn't want it falling back on them if it was to occur again. I was also told yesterday (30th) that it had gone right to the top in Canada (no name or status was given) and it landed on his desk 24 hours ago. Due to poor treatment I had received and the length of time this had took Kamil and his team had asked for an update or a decision by 6pm UK time (1pm Canada). It was actually Kamil's colleague Andrew that told me this. He agreed and stated looking at it now that shouldn't be a problem.

So today (31st) was judgement today for me and as I knew and still know for a fact I have done nothing wrong. So firstly the email came with the bad news...


Many thanks again for talking to my colleague Andrew yesterday and your patience throughout last evening and today. As promised, I will be calling you shortly to go over everything with you again.

I'm emailing you in advance to give you the results of the investigation that was performed over night on your case. As I mentioned, the advisors you have spoken to and even myself only have a limited amount of visibility into what is happening in your ***, particularly when it comes to the level of detail that would trigger an account to be flagged for consideration of a ban. The engineers looking at your case have now confirmed to us that there is fraudulent activity on your account that has caused us to issue the ban, and that it will not be removed.

I appreciate that this is nothing you will be delighted to hear, and I will be happy to call back to discuss this in person. I was hoping for a positive outcome as well and worked with our team to provide you with the best experience we could after you had been waiting for some time. I'm really sorry to bring these news to you and hope for your understanding, that FIFA security is important for us and if studio confirms that someone has shown up on the radar for breaking the rules, we take this seriously.

I'm sure you have concerns that you would like to bring and I will be happy to take these on and pass them to the appropriate people. I'm looking forward to talking to you in a bit.

Kind regards,

Kamil SappichEA Customer Relations

Well I was obviously fuming and still am so I had this out with him when he called, it was the usual apologetic excuses and claims that he still believes me. However, apparently there is nothing else I can do and as far as their concerned the case is closed. He advised me he has to write up their report for the chief executive and that's it. If the chief executive believed me and thought something was wrong their end he would investigate it again without my input and knowledge. Well judging by my whole experience I've got more chance of landing on Mars.

Honestly all, from the bottom of my heart I haven't done anything wrong let alone took any risks. I swear this on my children's lives, my life, all religions. You name it & I'll swear by it and now need someone to care about it and prove it. Surely someone at EA is paid to do this rather than continue to treat me like this. Kamil told me that the chief executive cares about 'every' player, my situation has proved this is the opposite.

There is without a doubt someone out there that will help me prove that I haven't done anything wrong and it's another EA problem which has helped them make the worst company in America, imagine how many companies in America there are and it get awarded to them twice. For me that confirms why my case has ended up this way.

I am getting sick and tired of preaching that I have done anything wrong but I simply haven't and I am smart enough to know this for a fact. EA's systems are clearly making a lot of people miserable and those like myself who are legit have been robbed. Maybe it has been confirmed I have done nothing wrong but because of the poor treatment I have received and the time it has taken I put it to EA and anyone who cares that they would be too embarrassed to admit to this and concerned about the embarassment if it became public knowledge.

I am not prepared to give up on this as I would be literally chucking £55 away as well as my own self respect. If we all gave up on these things not a lot would get done in the world and these companies would continue to get away with it.

If EA think for even a second I will get bored and fed up of fighting this they couldn't be any more wrong than they already have been. Well actually that's possible after my experience.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $70.

Preferred solution: Account Ban removed & looked at again and again until it is realised as their mistake, compensation originally agreed & a good apology..

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Same here. I'm sick.i was playing online and some panthers fan quit 3 times in a row, don't know what it kept connecting me with that player but it did.

Then played someone new in an altimeter great game then I got banned. Not my fault.

I got screwed. On 11/26


My son is going through the very same thing with Madden 16. They have accused him of cheating and he has been banned when clearly there is a glitch in their system.

We have written detailed, lengthy emails to no avail. What a waste of time and money! If you happen to make any progress with your issue, I would love to hear about it.

I don't plan on giving up very easily.


Dude bought coins, got caught, account banned and is now QQ.

Dry your eyes and go play a game where you don't have to cheat to claim an advantage.