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It's been 3 days, and I still cannot get anyone at Pogo or EA to respond to me. Club Pogo costs $40/year.

I have been a loyal customer for years, despite the many glitches with the site, and that no one ever wins any money. Well, I go to check my email the other day, and there was an email from EA Sports. Apparently, someone reported me for foul language for using the "wtf" abbreviation. The email said that my membership was terminated and my account has been deleted.

It also said that this is final, and they will not respond to any communications from me regarding this account. I thought it was a joke at first, but no, they were serious. Oh yeah, that $40 membership that I had just renewed, they aren't going to refund it. I am so furious.

I really just want my money back. The site is not worth the aggravation. And they are obviously not a reputable company if this is standard operating procedure. I have never had a company tell me that they will not respond to any attempt to contact them.

So, buyer beware, this could happen to you. I'm sure they are thinking that I need my Pogo account, and that I will just start another account and pay the $40 again. Well, guess what?

I will never give them another dollar. And that includes EA Sports as well, who owns Pogo.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ea Sports Membership.

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I got an e-mail from pogo that said that I was harassing other players. I called them to see what was going on.

They wanted to charge me $4oo. for protection from hackers. I refused. The lady on the phone said that they were going to charge me $500 for refusal.

I hung up and called my credit card company. I was too late. I have to pay it, but I cancelled my card.

Pogo is a rip off. BIG TIME!!!


I just got a message on my account from "zipperripper" on pogo and it said I was being investigated for usage of foul language and I needed to contact a phone number to clear it up. Strange that the investigator(?) would use a name like zipperripper.

I have been trying to contact EA about this and can not get any contact by phone or email. Found one listing that said they were having an excessive amount of calls and try later.

My membership ran out early this month and I can't even renew, just get a blank blue page at pogo checkout. So I am thinking after 10 yrs I will be like the pissed off person and just save my money for something else!


Pogo sucks. It used to fun but they are destroying all the fun ea sucks


Been with Club Pogo many years, and now cannot sign in..Talked to someone (supposedly from Pogo) who said my account was hacked by someone in Puerto Rico..Trying to cancel my account and he hung up on me


I've been trying for 3 days to get into pogo "my account" to update my payments. No response from EA.

I have even changed/updated my password twice still no luck.

I enjoy using pogo but am getting feed up with not being able to contact anyone. Just get a "run around"


Yeah I paid for an account in 2003, user name PhatBhastard. It's still there I just can't login because of the name.

Pogo is the biggest waste of time and money. Stay away from Pogo unless someone gives you a 5 day pass.


This is the last straw! I did NOT violate anything!

HOW DARE YOU! Thanks for showing and proving your POGO ignorance, stupidity and incompetence. I DON'T NEED YOU! I am the PAYING costumer that helps keep you in a job and provide food and shelter for your family.


I had just contacted EA/Pogo yesterday with gaming issues and glitches that you incompetent technicians can't fix or figure out, plus Pogo is the biggest CHEATER of all, with their predetermined hands and predetermined winners. You are all a JOKE and DISGUSTING, LAZY, ARROGANT, INCOMPETENT and REPUGNANT CLOWNS.

This is how POORLY run companies go OUT of business. It's happened many times before and it will happen again.

When you are to big for your own britches you will always fall and fail.



GOOD RIDDANCE IMBECILE! THAT IS ALL! Sincerely, Dissatisfied Ex Paying Costumer --------------- Original Message --------------- From: ea_admin Subject: Message from EA Online Support To: EccentricGambler Sent: Wed 7/16/14 03:55 AM Pacific Dear eccentricgambler, We are contacting you to notify you that we have found your Pogo account to be in violation of our Terms of Service.

After completing an investigation of your Account, we have identified the following violation: Harassment - Generally inappropriate: "!!@*>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>" It is our goal to make the ga@&&=$!xperience as safe, secure and enjoyable as possible for all of our players. However If you continue to violate our Terms of Service it may result in a suspension or ultimately a permanent account closure depending on the severity of the situation.

To help avoid this, please take some time to read and familiarize yourself with our Terms of Service which can be found here: !^^+:// If you feel you have received this warning in error, please contact us at We appreciate your understanding in this matter. Yours sincerely, Zouboulia


I purchased Bejeweled 3 from PopCap games a year ago and all of a sudden it disappered from my computer. I checked around and found that Pogo took over and screwed it all up.

Pogo wants me to go through a song and dance to get my game back. i am pissed


I've been reporting a certain player for over a year that has said way worse than WTF but she/he/they are still around with they're other names. And you got reported for that!!!! I would be pissed too

Good luck


Contact BBB they have to refund your money..Its the law...


Yep, here here you & soooo many other people are being taken for a ride...WTF...LoL I also Will NEVER, EVER deal with EA rubbish games again...they do NOT listen to Customers & do NOT care So.....there are many, many more reputable web game sites out there so let’s tell EA games Who really is in charge ( is the BOSS )

Let’s send them a message by means of numbers......freedom of speech just my opinion no one forces anyone to do anything

I think they'll go broke in no time when people realise they can't pay off a mortgage (house) with pogo tokens....WTF....!!!

Well said, well done SAM, mostlyharmless , Aunt Jen Jen , john , aceme , Mimaw518 , Cheete , Harold Bowers , ocdgirl2000 , Mostlyharmless , pdmydoos .....................Thank you !!!


I'm sick of constant problems with the games due to JAVA and many more technical issues. I have been a member since it started and there has been one thing after another that messes up the games.


Please, if anyone is reading this, start another site with similar games and put POGO out of business. All theyre after is the money


I couldn't agree more. If there were a similar site, with less problems, I would join in an instant.

It really is a great idea for a site. I would be on there for hours upon hours everyday.

This would be a monster money-maker for someone with the skill to create it. 8)

@Aunt Jen Jen

go to ILOVESPADES,COM. a nice clean site


Ok guys here is how to contact club Pogo they are being taken care of by Origin so when you go to their 866 number which gives you the run around don't click on club pogo selection wait for the origin selection might be 5 or something now don't get excited you will be on hold for an hour and 15 minutes before you get a live person with loud and soft music trying to get you to hang up but don't you will get your answers and talk to a live person where you can take out your frustrations and get your money back I did


Do Not Use AOL browser,it does not work in pogo. You can download google chrome or firefox or internet explorer they all are free downloads. You can find Phone Numbers for on the internet.


Have been trying to get the attention of someone at EAsports for 8. Weeks now and no luck.

Am not able to play any games.!!!!!!!! Every time I try, the game shuts down.

What a waste of money. I am sure there are other game sites that are better.


I have had a simular situation. I by mistake purchased pogo gems/ 750 at the cost of 39.99.

I however wanted the 100, at the cost of 5.99. They will not refund my money and I have gotten the run-around now for 7 days.

At this point I think I will contact a lawyer an start a class action law suit. They are not to be trusted.


i been reading the stories of what is going on i'm like omg but if your subscription is a terminated they have to give your money back they just can't keep what don't belong to them there is a thing you can do is call your bank and tell them that pogo terminated your account and won't give your money back with in a day the bank will put what money you spent


tri peaks WILL not add tokens and no WAY to contact POGO